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Treaded Water wasted by municipality

Posted by Jameela Mohanna on May 16, 2016 at 4:30 PM

Water wasted by municipality


It has started to heat up again with humidity and temperatures around the 35+C in the early morning (6am)


Every morning municipal gardeners all around Bahrain switch on sprinklers during the peak traffic morning hours when the temperatures are starting to rise.


Unfortunately this contributes to an enormous waste of treated water that is used (unsuited for human consumption), also they are not aligned correctly, spilling water on the roads that cause accidents and are left on for more than an hour.


Watering in direct sunlight actually harms your yard and plants.


Water droplets on leaves are like thousands of magnifying glasses, intensifying the sun's heat and causing "scald" or "burn" damage. Evaporation is also highest during the heat of the day, resulting in less water actually reaching the plants' roots


The ideal time for lawn and plant watering is between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. (just before sunset) to avoid unnecessary evaporation.


I agree totally to the idea of fining people washing their cars with running water (as the drivers of my next door neighbors do every morning) as every day we have to wade through running water to get to our car my kids and I are getting wet and muddy shoes just before going to school and I have to put cartons under our feet to avoid spoiling the carpets, which not only makes the road dirty it is a crying a waste and an inconvenience as stagnant water attracts bugs like ants and other bugs.



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